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To Meditate or Not

When considering meditation, many of us conjure a visual image of a person sitting upright in a cross-legged position, eyes closed and entirely still, with the goal of attaining perfect mental and emotional peace. Also conjured are images of highly formalized and ritualized practices, with specific behaviors, and environmental structures. […]

Living in Grey

As I think about and encourage people I work with to take personal lifestyle inventories before attempting to make big changes, I am reminded of the ways we are programmed to think rigidly, dualistically and competitively. Through our many institutions: the nightly news, schools, testing, media, religion, sports, the job […]

My 13-Year-Old Philosophy

My mother, may she rest in peace, often got on my nerves in a big way. I don’t discount her great qualities or her struggles with life. She was intuitive, very funny, witty, warm, and a good friend to many people. But on the difficult side, I remember her being incredibly […]

Some Kind Of Peace

There is a wealth of information available to us about healthy living. Turn on any device and something will pop up. We’ve got gluten-free, vegan, and low fat products, shakers, blenders juicers, herbs and vitamins of every kind. We’ve got numerous practitioners and health venues: Fitness coaches, yoga teachers, pilates […]

Becoming Sixty

I remember the book I saw on my parent’s coffee table during a visit toward the end of my father’s life. The title read, “The Joys of Aging”. I opened it and saw that all the pages were blank. While I appreciated the humor, I felt a sinking feeling as […]

Self-Care Series, Part 2: Discomfort Food

Memory: I was about eleven years old, walking in downtown Waterbury Conn. My friend and I each bought a slice of pizza (twenty cents). As always, it was delicious. After our last bites, we quickly headed across the street to a newsstand and bought a Hershey chocolate bar (five cents). […]