When you are facing seemingly unmovable obstacles, I work to address the most urgent and immediate issues and gradually move to more long-term priorities.

Addressing Immediate Needs
When addressing your immediate needs, in addition to coming up with practical plans, we focus on restoring a sense of emotional safety and calm stability so that we can build a foundation for long-term wellness.

Long-Term Solutions:
Once immediate needs are met, we explore the connections and parallels between early life experiences and current patterns so you can recognize choices that will allow you the freedom to shift the very patterns you assumed were set in stone. We do this by uncovering your unique strengths and talents which inherently provide the most appropriate guidance. Our relationship will be an ongoing catalyst for and reminder of the wisdom that lies within.

I am drawn to working with people who are self-aware, psychologically-minded, and curious about the connections between their internal and external worlds.

For Family Members and Caregivers:
Do you have a friend/family member who is struggling with addiction, physical, or mental health issues?

My own experience of past illness and resulting lifestyle changes I made in order to support my recovery and become even healthier has contributed to my understanding of what it takes to challenge both the internal and external conditions that can unknowingly contribute to our illnesses.

I have also learned through my many personal and professional experiences that caring for family or friends who are struggling with physical, mental health, or addiction issues while simultaneously caring for ourselves can be extremely challenging. If you are experiencing these challenges and would like support, I can help by assisting you in the following ways:

  • navigating the emotional pain and frustration of advocating for a loved one who reacts defensively or resists your help
  • negotiating internal or external boundaries, including energetic, emotional, and financial resources
  • respectfully transforming unspoken roles, rules, and expectations that compromise the health of the family

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