I support people who are navigating seemingly unworkable inner obstacles to rediscover their aliveness, agency, and the gifts that can come from even the most difficult experiences. Whether you are experiencing anxiety, depression, stress, or overwhelm, I can help you more freely face challenges and come to more resilient solutions.

My style is strength based, warm and interactive. With deep sensitivity to culture, class, ethnic, sexual, and gender identities as well as individual temperaments, my approaches are uniquely tailored to meet the diverse needs of my clients. While I am present-time focused and highly relational, I encourage exploration of the past as it is appropriate. In addition to my many years of clinical experience and training, I have found that my realness, humor and creativity are invaluable to my work.

My theoretical approach is an eclectic one, as I draw from my 30+ years of experience working in a variety of community-based and private practice settings. I am well versed in many orientations, yet, as a deeply intuitive person, I have come to understand that what is most needed is my openness and flexibility when navigating and collaborating on a therapeutic direction.

My areas of expertise and interests include:

  • Navigating Alternative and Counterculture Lifestyles
  • Empowering LGBTQ+ Individuals and Communities
  • Supporting Gender Non-Conforming and Non-Binary Identity Expressions
  • Navigating Health and Gender Transitions
  • Improving Couples & Family Dynamics, including Interracial, Queer, and Polyamorous Families
  • Recognizing and Recovering from Addiction
  • Transforming Patterns of Anxiety and Depression
  • Recovering from Sexual Abuse