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An Inch of Black Coffee

In a dream a few weeks ago, I was shown through a diagram, how the blood vessels, and optic nerves in our eyes are impacted by our intake of caffeine.  There was a large drawing of a human face with arrows and circles pointing out   how the caffeine increases the […]

No Room for Mistakes

I was meditating the other day, and the idea for a blog came to me: “Write about Making Mistakes” I started thinking about mistakes a few days ago after realizing I made a “bad” choice about something I recently purchased. I won’t go into detail but suffice to say, I […]

Why This Photo?

 I was shocked when I saw how big Lake Michigan was.   It was vast like the ocean but with a calm I had never seen. Through the clear blue water, I could see to the bottom and I fell in love. I was invited to the cottage for the first […]

On Friendships

I’d like to write a blog series on friendship and hope for some dialogue from folks.  To begin with, I’ve been asking a few people in my life about how and why friendships end.  The first answer I got from a female colleague was,” there is a pattern in my […]

Energy in Energy Out

Recently, through a friend’s invitation, I attended a workshop led by Vicki Dello Joio on the uses of specific Qigong exercises to help set personal goals and intentions.   Vicki is a long standing practitioner and teacher of Martial Arts, a performance artist and a very open person who I enjoyed […]

Ashtrays and Potholders

Starting at about age five, I went to a summer day camp. We had many regimented activities, one of which was ARTS and CRAFTS. During this activity, we were often given the project of making ashtrays or other household items out of clay. Now, technically clay ashtrays are not a […]

Questioning Wholeness

In my mid twenties I was exposed to the philosophical teachings and writings of George Gurdjeif and his student / disciple, P.D. Ouspenski. Both men shared the belief that humans are not necessarily unified whole beings, but instead are similar to machines with many moving parts, centers and opposing forces. […]

Do What You Do Well!

I recently attended a workshop on Trauma, Attachment and Neuroscience with Dr. Bessel A. van der Kolk, a highly respected leader in the field of trauma. As I reflected on what I appreciated most about the workshop, it was the reminder that when considering best approaches in the treatment of […]

Health Transition Groups

Hi Folks, I have openings in my monthly Health Transition Groups. There are two groups which are described below.  The first group meets one Sunday per month and the second group meets one Saturday per month.  Both groups meet from 3 to 5 p.m. in Oakland.  Each group decides the […]