Some Kind Of Peace

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friends-clipart-9There is a wealth of information available to us about healthy living. Turn on any device and something will pop up. We’ve got gluten-free, vegan, and low fat products, shakers, blenders juicers, herbs and vitamins of every kind. We’ve got numerous practitioners and health venues: Fitness coaches, yoga teachers, pilates studios, assisted workouts, slow cookers/ gardening books, and all in one exercise machines. Most of us know what to do…..

The difficulty that arises for many of us, is follow through with our already made healthy decisions. Many of us fall into patterns of initial devotion, passive rebellion, avoidance, shame, defeat, and self blame. I believe we need people and safe environments so that we can talk honestly about how we’re doing with our practices. Let’s speak about how we don’t feel like exercising, confess our donut and/or sugary, salty cravings, the feelings of loneliness or fear that drive the cravings, our comparisons at the gym, our unused gym memberships, and our uncomfortable feelings in yoga class. We need to find acceptance of where we are truly at.

What helps me gain acceptance and enthusiasm are community and fun partnerships woven into my healing. I want to rely on others for accountability and support to help me follow through with what I have chosen. I need to cook with my friends, share food I have made, walk together, take yoga classes, and develop doable and honest lifestyle practices.

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4 Replies to “Some Kind Of Peace”

  1. YES! “we need to find acceptance of where we are truly at”! I appreciate this.
    I would also like to talk about how to be in conversations with others-other women- about our negative body talk. It’s so common. And oddly, there is a feeling of belonging when other women talk negatively about themselves- like it’s a culturally acceptable and even encouraged thing to do- in order to either fit in or identify with others- we, us, they talk poorly about how they feel about themselves and this strengthens bonds. I want to change this- for myself and others. Strengthen bonds in other ways. Accept where we’re at AND discuss health goals.
    Also- Deb- you are welcome to come to this gentle basics yoga class I go on Wed nights. I love the teacher and I feel so good during and after. I look forward to it!

    • Genna, Thanks very much for your comment. Yes,there is so much societal reinforcement to support us as women to dislike ourselves. I agree that we need to bond over what’s good and beautiful about us.

  2. Indeed the only thing that has ever worked for me is to have a committed workout partner. After purchasing countless books, blenders, machines and unused gym memberships, I’ve learned to embrace the most simple and low cost forms of fitness regiments. Walking and stretching at home may not be as rigorous as working out at the gym but at least it’s always free and accessible! This strategy has definitely lowered my “comparison” anxiety and increased my follow through to exercise. And I agree, Deborah, good, nutritious food is always better shared!

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