About Deborah

For over 30 years, I have supported people navigating anxiety, stress, and overwhelm to rediscover their aliveness, agency, and the gifts that can come from even the most difficult experiences.

Oftentimes, we suffer because we have self-imposed limitations that make it hard for us to experience the internal freedom necessary for cultivating satisfying relationships, navigating addictive behaviors, and living out our true potential. These limitations are reflected in unconscious repetition of negative patterns and contribute to anxiety, depression, and frustration about meeting life goals.

With expertise and deep care, I offer an individualized approach that addresses what feels most important to you.

I would be honored to help you find solutions in this difficult time.

Feel free to contact me to schedule your first appointment or a free 20-minute phone consultation: 510-214-6951 or deborahyarock@gmail.com.

I am an intuitive and creative person with an eclectic background in the healing arts. I began my healing career as a massage therapist, and included the uses of acupressure and energy balancing.  I have studied and practiced many forms of counseling and psychotherapy, such as Somatic, Psychodynamic, Cognitive Behavioral, Primal Therapy, Gestalt, Systems, and Re-Evaluation Counseling.

My approach to counseling is warm and humanistic. As a keenly  intuitive healer,  my practice is informed and influenced by my sensitivity and deep respect for peoples’ varying cultural backgrounds and identities.

I am present-time focused and I encourage exploration of the past as it is appropriate. The uses of creative arts and humor are integral to my work.

I have more than thirty years experience as a counselor, therapist and supervisor in a variety of community based and private practice settings in The San Francisco Bay area.

Currently, I am teaching “Group Practicum” as  Assistant Professor in Community Mental Health Department at California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS), San Francisco and “Human Diversity for Counseling” at  Holy Names University in Oakland. Additionally, I am an instructor in Behavioral Health Education  at Kaiser Permanente, Oakland.

My teaching experiences includes Depression and Anxiety, Addiction, Recovery and Wellness, Psychopathology, Cross Cultural Counseling, Independent Studies, and Group Practicum Supervision.

My areas of expertise and interests include:

  • Health and Gender Transitions
  • Addiction
  • Anxiety Patterns
  • Navigating Alternative Lifestyle Changes
  • Couples & Family Dynamics
  • Sexual Abuse Recovery
  • LGBTQ Empowerment

In addition to seeing clients in private practice and teaching, I am the co-founder of Inner Science Institute (InSci), providing courses and events for lifelong learners as well as mental professionals interested in fulfilling continuing education units. An integrative institute informed by the inner sciences of psychology and spirituality, InSci offers transdisciplinary education and training to those interested in personal transformation, social change, and spiritual awakening.

A Bit More About Me

I have a strong interest both personally and professionally in helping people navigate the relationship between mental and physical health as well as recognize and honor the correlation between care of self and care of others. I know from my own past experience of personal illness and recovery how daunting it can be to negotiate health challenges along with the  daily demands of work and relationships.

I also learned and continue to learn  how vital it is to feel and respect my personal boundaries, expenditures of energy, and to assess the levels of  attachment I have to my own agenda vs. giving support based on a person’s  true needs and collaborative participation in the process.

From a  personal vantage point, along with my extensive experience having supported clients through difficult lifestyle changes, I feel inspired to help people rediscover their own internal balance. Whether it is about shifting responsibilities at work, navigating areas you are overextending, communicating needs to loved ones, or exploring healthcare options, I am committed to helping you navigate your unique challenges and pathways to aliveness.