For the past 30 years, I have supported people navigating anxiety, stress, and overwhelm to rediscover their aliveness, agency, and the gifts that can come from even the most difficult experiences.

If this is a time of significant transition for you, take a deep breath and understand that while change can be difficult, it is an opportunity for meaningful transformation. My intention is to help you navigate challenging thoughts and emotions to catalyze this transformation.

Below are a few ideas about change and some questions you may identify with.

Question: What Makes Change So Hard?

Change is hard because it actually involves changing;-) This means breaking away from habits, many of which bring us temporary comfort and a false sense of security.

Question: What Are Your Barriers To Change?

External: Time constraints, work & family responsibilities, limited income, unhealthy habits, addictions, and/or lack of support.

Internal:  Feelings that arise when letting  go or starting something new: fear, loss, grief, ambivalence,  impatience. Guilt re: self care, self indulgence.  Fear of aliveness!

Question: How Do You Define Success?

Our society often defines success by measuring volume and speed of productivity, meeting a specific end result, and achieving an unattainable perfection. There are many other ways to notice and experience success.

For example, noticing small personal achievements that reflect deep learning about ourselves and our environment or honoring our needs for connection and intimacy. Even the fulfillment of  intellectual and creative desires that bring joy and meaning to our lives can be a measure of success!

It is natural to have many questions arise during challenging transitions. Here are some areas that we may address together as you walk through your journey.

  • What tools and perspectives do you need to move through fear of failure or of success?
  • What kind of social support do you need to commit to positive change?
  • How do you engage the aliveness underneath the surface of limiting habits?
  • In what ways do you need to re-think or re-shape your work or relationships in order to feel more content and inspired?
  • What small, attainable steps can you take to begin your movement toward healthy change?
  • How do you sustain motivation for change?

If you feel moved by any of these questions, we may be a good fit. Feel free to contact me to schedule your free 20-minute phone consultation to explore how I may be able to help you: deborahyarock@gmail.com or 510-214-6951.